Settling in childcare policy

Statement of Intent

We want children to feel safe, stimulated and happy in the setting and to feel secure and comfortable with staff. We want parents to have confidence in both their children’s well being and in their role as active partners with the setting.


We aim to make the setting a welcome place where each child feels happy, secure and confident and the parents are happy and confident to leave their child in our care.


  • Before a child starts to attend the setting, we use a variety of ways to provide his/her parents with information. These include written information in the form of our prospectus and policies, displays about the setting’s activities and individual meetings with parents
  • On making enquiries or on enrolment, we provide opportunities for the child and his/her parents to visit the setting
  • At initial meetings discussions take place on the best way to help the child settle and transitions into the setting are tailored to the individual child and his/her family
  • We allocate a key person to each child
  • Where possible we strive to conduct the registration in the family home to make this process as informal and relaxed as possible. This will normally be 2 members of staff, one of which should be the key person
  • The registration process includes sharing information regarding the child’s present level of development, how we keep a record of their progress and how this is shared at regular parent evenings
  • On registration all relevant information regarding the child is gathered from the parent/carer and kept on record. All relevant information is shared with all staff
  • The key person provides more focused nurturing and attention to allow the child to settle as quickly and easily as possible
  • The key person will also work closely with and build a rapport with parents to make the settling in process easier for both parents and children
  • We welcome pre start visits and trial sessions accompanied or unaccompanied (by arrangement) in varying ways
  • Any form of comforter is welcomed for all children and babies, to provide necessary security

    This policy was adopted at a meeting of Cherrywood Community Childcare held on


    Signed on behalf of the setting ……N. D Sills……... (Chairperson)
    Childcare - Farnborough, Hampshire - Cherrywood Community Childcare

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